Custom Maps

Matthew Krieger founded Playground Maps in 1999 with the idea of creating a highly artistic and visually stimulating design for a map with easy-to-read directions, which could be used by any person regardless of the language they speak, or their ability to read more traditional maps. Further, he wanted to create a marketing device that could reach a mass audience to boost the visibility of many venues that only locals were familiar with.

In 2006 hospitality entrepreneur Jacky Korn made a turn from successful restaurants to the creative and publishing industry. Helping Krieger expand and move Playground Maps to the next level, Jacky has introduced mobile technology to the print medium allowing it to become a staple navigational tool on Miami’s famous South Beach. He has also played a key role in implementing the expansion of Playground Maps into new markets such as Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic.

Advanced Design Map

  • You will get the ‘feel’ of the structure through the detail of the map
  • Upon Zooming in the details will be become more visible
  • You will get the elements of the streets and the surrounding environment
  • It will look great when printed in poster size and larger

Intermediate Design Map

  • Great for a last minute event or marketing campaign
  • The detail of the map is great from zoomed out but will not have the super detail of the Advanced Design when zooming in
  • The structures are similar to reality but not detailed completely
  • Great for printing in 8x10 or smaller

Basic Design Maps

  • The design is meant to show where things are but not what they are in reality
  • Basic level of illustration detail
  • It’s an overview of a project, event, hotel