Hotels and Resorts Love Our Custom Illustrated Maps

February 7, 2014

It goes without saying that if you run a hotel or resort, everything depends on your business being as attractive and people-friendly as possible. Nothing gets this vital point across than providing beautiful and functional maps that will allow your guests and visitors – many of whom will be first-timers – to locate your establishment and navigate through the area.

That’s where Playground Maps comes in. We’re the nation’s leading provider of high-quality Custom Illustrated Maps that serve as a beautiful and informative guide for your clients. As our rich collection of Illustrated Map Projects clearly shows, we have ample experience working for a wide variety of big-name resorts and hotels, including Omni Hotels, Trump Hollywood, Hilton, and Marriot Courtyard, to name just a few.

Needless to say, our experience with such an impressive array of major hospitality companies speaks to our company’s track record for success and quality. Whichever map type you choose, Playground Maps will utilize its cutting edge technology and brilliant minds to create one-of-a-kind maps that are as stylish as they are functional.

We can design a map that will clearly show the location of your establishment relative to the surrounding area. They can highlight all the things that would be useful to your clients, major transportation nodes, surrounding landmarks and points of interest, major parking areas and roadways, and much more. They can be as detailed as you want them to be, and we’ll work with you to develop a personalized map that meets your precise needs and preferences.

Since 1999, Playground Maps has been the premier provider of unique and functional maps. Our signature service is to provide clients with a creative approach to map-making that appeals to a mass audience while simultaneously boosting marketing and visibility. We’ve done maps for almost every occasion and purpose, including public municipal transit maps, promotional/event maps, wedding maps, city maps, hotel and resort maps, and more.

Learn more about our map options and how they’ll help you municipality thrive by calling 1-866-PLAY-MAP.